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Making an impact – Champions all over Europe

Aktualisiert: 10. Apr.

Let’s get ready: the new season is ahead. Team practices are about to start and Stefan is set to work with the newly named Bamberg Baskets. Before Stefan and Bamberg get it going, let’s look back at the past season. Stefan has been working with players that won national championships all over Europe.


Three of Stefan’s clients play together in Italy. Devon Hall, Kyle Hines and Nicolo Melli all lace their shoes for Olimpia Milano who are not only a powerhouse in the Lega Basket Serie A but have also won the most championships since the league was founded in 1920.

The season did not start as planned. In the FRECCIAROSSA SUPERCOPPA Milano suffered a 64:72 defeat against Virtus Segafredo Bologna in overtime. Devon Hall’s 19 points on an efficient 7 of 11 (4/7 3pts) shooting couldn’t avoid the loss. After a season with ups and downs both teams faced off again in the league finals. In a hard-fought best-of-7 series Nicolo Melli had a 13 points and 12 rebounds double-double in game 5 to secure the 3:2 lead and in the end, Devon, Nicolo and Kyle managed to lift the trophy after a 67:55 win in game seven.

“Working with Stefan made a huge impact on my improvement. (…) He’s always pointing out small adjustments that end up being large improvements to your game. He’s a master of his craft.” - Devon Hall

A player that Stefan has known since his pro beginnings in Austria is Thomas Klepeisz who was an important piece in ratiopharm ulm’s run to becoming the German champions. In an impressive post season effort Klepeisz and his team first bet Euroleague-team ALBA Berlin (3:1), then sweeped the second Euroleague participant FC Bayern Basketball (3:0) and also won against the Basketball Champions League-champion Telekom Baskets Bonn, who had been dominating the league during the regular season. Thomas Kleipeisz contributed 22 minutes per game, scored 7.4 points and added 2.7 assists as well as 2.3 rebounds. After winning the Austrians championship with UBC Güssing Knights twice in 2014 and 2015, Thomas is once again a champ.

“With Stefan, we focus on every detail in the shooting. It's great to have someone that you can slow things down and talk about details. It helped me a lot.” - Tomáš Satoranský

An exciting journey came to a successful ending when Tomáš Satoranský and FC Barcelona won the Spanish Liga ACB. After Stefan had visited Tomáš in Washington in 2022 the Czech international made his way back to Spain to join Barcelona once again. Playing in the Euroleague and in the ACB, Tomáš contributed to a successful season. In the international campaign Tomáš and “Barca” made it to the Final Four. They had even more success on the national stage. After beating Unicaja Malaga in the semifinals (3:1) they faced their big rivals Real Madrid – and swept them. Tomáš helped the team winning their 20th title with his experience and an average of 8 points and 3.3 assists.

To top things off, Radek Farsky added another title to the Czechs’ title collection. Radek and Vít Krejčí recently worked with Stefan in Prague. During the Czech National Basketball League (NBL) playoffs, Radek and his team BK Opava eliminated ERA Basketball Nymburk (4:3), who had won a stunning 19 titles in a row to that point which also makes them the record holder for most championships. In the finals Opava and Radek faced BK ARMEX Děčín and took care of business. Being up 2:1 they won a nailbiter in overtime and lifted the trophy after a 108:104-victory.

These six players are only a few of many examples: Stefan helps players improving their game and even makes an impact while not being there in person. Video analysis, talks and many valuable tips help players reach their potential and in some cases win titles.

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