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Pro Skills Summer Camps 2024

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With four different workouts we are set to work with you on some of the most important parts of the game. What can you expect?

At Pro Skills Campus, we strive to find a way to work with every type of player. That's why we will be hosting Pro Skills Summer Camps for the first time this year.

At the summer camps, we will offer various workouts depending on the type of player you are.

There is "Shooters' Heaven" where the focus will be on developing your shot, working on a solid foundation, and improving your shot-making. Shooters' Heaven is designed for every type of player looking to enhance their shooting skills. ☄️

Next is "Guards Masterclass" aimed at perimeter players looking to elevate their game. Playmaking, ball-handling, court vision – you name it, and we'll work on it! Decision making is highly important! ⭐️

Our third workout will cater to athletes aspiring to be the must-have players on every modern basketball team: 3&D! In today's game, shooting is more crucial than ever. Pair elite shot-making with excellent defense, and you'll secure playing time in every game situation. 🔒

Last but not least, we will offer a special workout: Ladies Only! – sorry, fellas! Women's basketball is more prevalent than ever, and of course, we see you ladies out there! Let's get to work! 🚀

Soon, we will provide more information about all the upcoming workouts. Stay tuned or contact us now!

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