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Getting set for the summer – working with Justinian Jessup

Aktualisiert: 10. Apr.

On to the next one: Stefan Weissenboeck took a trip to Zaragoza to work with Justinian Jessup. During his three-day trip, Justinian and Stefan managed to get two full days of practice in and worked on parts of Justinian’s game that they had so far only talked about on video.

“It was important to connect in person before the summer”, Stefan explained and added: “Not only did we work on many things, but Justinian now also has a variety of different exercises that he can use during his offseason.” Stefan took an early flight to Barcelona and continued to Zaragoza. There he met up with the young American who had been drafted by the Golden State Warriors in 2020 and currently plays for Casademont Zaragoza. Stefan and Justinian had been working together for the past season but had never met before.

“You can do a lot when you work efficiently and use the time well.”

“It was a short journey but very productive”, Stefan stated. Since they had almost 48 hours together the managed to get six full hours of intense basketball work together. “You can do a lot when you work efficiently and use the time well.” The workouts they did were not exactly new to the 25-year-old, as Stefan said: “We were working on the same topics that we touched on during the season, because those are also the aspects of Justinian’s game that he still wants to improve on.”

Justinian’s and Stefan’s journey doesn’t stop here. “Every workout that he completed was filmed. Therefore, he can use this material, rewatch it during the summer and continue to work on the details. On top of that he also gets access to many more exercises that I have previously recorded.” Overall, Stefan was happy with a short but impactful trip to Spain: “For us, it was important to connect in person and improve our relationship. And working together during the offseason means that you have a lot more time. During the season you usually only get up to one or two hours together. Now, Justinian is set for the summer and can hopefully continue improving in many ways.”


After working with Justinian, Stefan headed back to Bamberg and has a busy summer in front of him. “Pro Skills will continue just how it started many years ago. We will have players coming to Bamberg to work out with us and we will also be working with younger players as we are planning the upcoming events of “Pro Skills Toolbox”.” On top of that, Stefan will travel to Prague to work together with the Czech national team and Atlanta Hawks guard Vit Krejci. Even though Pro Skills keeps developing, some things stay the same, as Stefan states: 

“We put in hard and passionate work. And that is what really matters.”

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