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Building a foundation for the new season

Aktualisiert: 10. Apr.

The ride continues: Stefan Weissenboeck and Tomáš Satoranský keep working together for their 7th consecutive season. What has started the year before Tomáš joined the Washington Wizards is now a partnership that keeps developing – in two directions.

“Through the years we have always managed to get together during the summer”, Stefan Weissenboeck explains. “These days symbolize the start for every new season that Sato is heading into. The focus is of course to get better with every year but also to adjust the way we work according to Sato’s situation.”

And the situation is familiar to Tomáš. He is heading into his fourth season with FC Barcelona in the Spanish ACB league as well as in Europe’s number one address for basketball: the Euroleague. “We must figure out what Sato’s team needs from him. This involves coaches’ tactics as well as who is on the roster and what challenges are ahead for him”, Stefan says.


The work of Tomáš and Stefan doesn’t stop after their meeting during the summer. “Over the last few years, we have always managed to stay in touch or even meet again during the season. I constantly watch his games and give him feedback through videos. That is how we can develop skills and tactics together even though we are in different places.”

“Development must be comprehensive.” - Stefan Weissenboeck

To keep Sato’s game developing, Stefan knows how to address the Czech guard. “Development must be comprehensive. I am not trying to change major parts of Sato’s game from distance. Instead, it’s small details that we discuss together and then try to find a way to improve them. Communication is key and technology helps us to stay connected.” And it has been key for many years now. Heading into his seventh season working with Stefan, Tomáš Satoranský is one of Stefan’s most loyal clients.


Knowing each other for such a long time, the relationship between Tomáš and Stefan works in both ways as Sato is showing in becoming an honorable member of Pro Skills Campus. “I am excited and happy that Sato is supporting our work at Pro Skills Campus. It shows that he is supporting our mission to spread it.” Tomáš supporting Pro Skills Campus is a sign of trust and a way of showing that Stefan and his team are available for everyone who wants to practice basketball with ambition. If you are a pro player, a motivated amateur looking to make the next step or an upcoming young talent, Pro Skills Campus offers different formats such as Pro Skills Toolbox or Pro Skills Academy.


Interested in Stefans’s work? Then learn more about it: get an analysis of your shot, tips and drills to become the best shooter you can possibly be! Just like Andreas Obst, Tomáš Satoranský and others.

Or do you need more detailed feedback after your games? Get analyzed clips with technical and tactical tips, both offense and defense just like Vít Krejčí (Atlanta Hawks), Isaiah Hartenstein (New York Knicks), Devon Hall (Olimpia Milano) or Christian Sengelder (Telekom Baskets Bonn/German National Team) do. Contact Stefan now!

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