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Efficient Work in New York City

Aktualisiert: 10. Apr.

Stefan switched his disk at the Brose Bamberg training facility with a seat in an airplane, used a few days off to travel to New York and worked with one of his NBA clients. During a three-day trip Stefan made sure to "use the time efficiently".

Brose Bamberg is still playing in two competitions this season. Of course, there is the easyCredit BBL which is the daily business for the nine time German champion. Then there is also the FIBA Europe Cup where Bamberg have just reached the quarter finals and are set to make a deep run in the competition.

In this busy schedule, Stefan made sure to find a couple days to travel to the US without sacrificing his tasks in Franconia. “I spent my office time on the plane and did the paperwork and some video cutting above the clouds. My workspace got a bit smaller, but I still managed to finish my tasks.”

After he had arrived in New York city, Stefan met up with Isaiah Hartenstein to work on his game. “We only had a three-day window to actually work together on his ball skills with a game on the second day”, Stefan explained and added: “Therefore we had to use the time efficiently.”

The most important goal was to figure out a way to help the player during the season. Instead of working together during the off season, fundamentals cannot be changed. “You have to understand the situation that the player is in at the moment.”

In this specific case, the player had to be helped with understanding his role and building up his confidence. Stefan takes over the role of a tailor as he describes: “My goal is to design a workout that fits the player like a custom-made suit. I can’t just bring clothes that I think are good. The setup must be perfectly tailored for the player’s needs.”

Even though the two didn’t have a lot of time together, the work payed off: “You can see that he improved. We were able to adjust the right parts of his game that are essential to him and the team.” Hartenstein and the Knicks managed to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 105-103 which rounded up a successful trip for Stefan, the client, and the team.

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